Apple iOS 4 Update Arrives Monday Morning, Pacific Time

The release time for Apple's iOS 4 update is due for Monday, but like expectant parents -- maybe even worse -- iPhone and iPod users want it now. The Apple forum boards sound like the impatience factor is escalating.

But before folks kill their keyboard touch pads with incessant tapping, InformationWeek is reporting the update will be available beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Makes sense, considering Apple is based on the West Coast and should any users encounter a bug in the update, Apple's (AAPL) support team wants to be fully ready to go.

iPhone and iPod Touch users are apparently hot for the new features that will bring a unified in-box to their email and multitasking folders, as touted by Apple's CEO Steve Jobs during the World Wide Developers Conference earlier this month.

Here's a taste of how hungry folks are for the update:

Rusta in Australia:

Just wondering if anyone here in Australia has been able to resolve the question about when actually this new IOS 4.0 update actually is supposed to be released, the information i received by Apple technical support was that is was supposed to be released today, but having now Itunes updated and installed to 9.2 and having checked this morning for the update?

If the update isnt today available then why would Apple periodically check for a new update on Wednesday this week? I assume updates are done through Itunes platform as well and its a free update and dont need to consult my phone carrier?

Modular747 in Florida gets the time zone thing:

What side of the international date line do you live in? The release date 6/21 is for California, USA. You'll know it's released when you plug your phone into iTunes or click "update" and it shows that it's available.

Benjin87 in Australia raises some call for concern:

hey guys,

I have actually spoken to the tech guys at apple and was alerted to the fact that they aren't even sure when the update is going to be released. The lady I spoke to said she hadn't even been trained on anything to do with ios4.

But im hoping by the time it hits midnight 21st june in cupertino the update will go live, and hopefully the apple servers will be able to handle the massive millions of downloads that are going to take place.

Server crashes are always a bummer, and users will soon find out whether Apple appropriately accounted for the iOS 4 update demand. It's undoubtedly looking to avoid another iPhone 4 pre-order fiasco.