FrontierVille tries to solve the case of the disappearing bonus items

frontierville disappearing bonuses -- no more
frontierville disappearing bonuses -- no more

One of my biggest beefs with FrontierVille (aside from it sucking away any semblance of a social life these past few days/weeks) is that when your virtual pioneer performs any task, bonuses will appear and must be clicked before they disappear. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. However, you may have noticed that -- while frantically clicking and trying to collect all of the bonuses -- a pop-up window will sometimes appear, which impedes the whole bonus collection process.

Apparently, the people behind the scenes are working on fixing that problem, says FrontierVille moderator Sugar Monkey:

The developers have put in place a pause on the bonus timer when a pop up is active. However, they are aware of the disappearing bonuses as soon as the pop up is closed.

So, we have a timer, but the devs are still working on making sure the bonus items do not disappear as fast when sharing/closing the pop-up.

I thought I noticed that it was easier to snag all of my bonuses today, but I'd rather just skip the whole pop-up thing altogether. Maybe there's another way to send friends all of those extra tools. Don't mess with mama's bonuses, you wouldn't like to see mama angry.

[Via FrontierVille forums]

Have you been having an easier time collection all of your bonuses?