Frontierville tops Facebook's weekly gainers with 5.4 million new users


With players recently flocking away from Zynga's Farmville by the millions, some wondered if the top social gaming company had lost a little bit of its luster. Well, if the early success of Farmville successor Frontierville is any indication, that luster is still plenty shiny, thanks very much.

According to AppData (via InsideSocialGames), Frontierville has gaining an incredible 5.4 million monthly users over the last week, a 656% increase from the partial-week launch of the five days previous. Most of the gains came between between June 17 and 19 when Frontierville's users shot up from about 1.5 million to over 6 million, possibly due to a recent change in the way Facebook reports active users.

Among other notable gainers, EA Sports/Playfish's FIFA Superstars continues to capitalize on World Cup fever worldwide (though possibly not as much as EA would have liked) with over 600,000 new users, a 52% jump. And somewhat long-in-the-tooth game School of Wizardry saw a surprising jump this week, gaining over 500,000 users after weeks of anemic growth (we suspect the aforementioned Facebook data reporting change).