CrowdStar's Hello City: Get 5 free Facebook Credits -- good for any game

Hello City Facebook Credits
Hello City Facebook Credits

Facebook defines Facebook Credits as "a virtual currency you can use to buy gifts, and virtual goods in many games and applications on the Facebook platform." What this definition doesn't point out is that FB Credits cost real world money.

In the social gaming world, real money gets converted into FB Credits to help pay for "premium" goods, such as exclusive items or to facilitate in-game virtual donations. But the special thing about FB Credits is that, normally, all social games use their own kind of premium currency that locks you out from spending in other games. Using FB Credits means that Credits you've earn in one game won't be limited to that game, and can be used for a wider variety of games and services on Facebook.

CrowdStar's Hello City, a new city-building sim on Facebook, is looking to promote itself by offering 5 free FB Credits to all players of the game. This is akin to getting $0.50 USD for free, which isn't much, but 5 FB Credits will pay for some nifty premium in-game items or even a Facebook gift for a friend's profile.

So click here to launch Hello City and grab your free cash today!