CrowdStar and the National Wildlife Foundation team up to fight BP oil spill

CrowdStar Facebook games
CrowdStar Cares Gulf RescueOver the weekend, CrowdStar rallied its five Facebook titles -- Happy Island , Happy Aquarium, Happy Pets, Hello City, and Zoo Paradise -- to participate in a "CrowdStar Cares" campaign in which the company has pledged 100% of all sales from its Limited Edition Gulf Rescue items to the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF). Open up any of CrowdStar's games and you'll find a Gulf Rescue icon on the right side of your screen advertising the effort along with a Limited Edition offer.

All items will be available until July 20th.

Below are prices and images of the Limited Edition items for sale for each game, from least to most expensive (which are roughly $3 USD to $10 USD):

Zoo Paradise: Golden Sea Turtle - 29 Facebook Credits
Zoo Paradise Golden Sea Turtle
Happy Aquarium: Bottlenose Dolphin - 88 Facebook Credits
CrowdStar Cares Happy Aquarium Bottlenose Dolphin
Happy Pets: Pewee Sea Duck - 88 Facebook Credits
CrowdStar Cares Happy Pets
Happy Island: Bottlenose Dolpin Pod - 99 Facebook Credits
Happy Island Dolphin Pod
Hello City: Wildlife Habitat - 100 Facebook Credits
CrowdStar Cares Hello City Wildlife Habitat
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