CostRefuge Weekly Roundup: June 21, 2010

Each week, WalletPop looks back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week rounded up from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

With AT&T's recent announcement of plans to end unlimited data plans, iPhone/iPad users & businesses will now have to make sure to conserve their bandwidth so as not to incur potentially heavy-duty overage charges. PC World lists some tips to help maximize bandwidth use while avoiding any extra fees.

Summer's in full swing and amusement parks around the country are filling up with vacationers and local fun-seekers alike. Forbes looks at six of the most popular parks, breaking down all of the costs involved and showing which are the best value.

Everyone's looking to eat healthier these days, but healthier food tends to be more expensive than what we've been accustomed to now for years. Erik Folgate from Money Crashers (via The Digerati Life) takes a look at some ways to spend less when buying organic food & groceries.

Before breaking out the ladders and power tools in the garage, you might want to simply engage in an industrial-sized cleaning of your house, says Stephane Fitch from The article lists 10 of the best (and worst) improvements homeowners can make that can make their home shine for potential buyers.

Finally, for the entrepreneurs out there (or really anyone who works for a start-up), here's a great piece from Inc. Magazine on some pitfalls to avoid when starting and scaling a new business venture.

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