Cool Wine Racks That Don't Press for Space

wine racks space savingSummertime is for enjoying fresh, seasonal produce. Couple that with a recent (and arguably, enduring) recession, and many of us are more than happy to pass up the trendy restaurant of the moment to stay home and rustle up a fine meal with help from the local farmers market. And an incredible bottle of prosecco or sauvignon blanc can top the evening. But until then, where to store the vino?

Here are some of the more creative ways to store wine that we've found:

First is the aptly named "Wine Rack" (pictured left) by Brooklyn designers John Buckley, Marcel Madsen and Max Wang of Produce Design. This beautifully-shaped rack stores your bottles in an Escher-like pattern of bent carbon steel fins. The fins attach to one another by water-jet cut slots. Fill selected slots to dictate your own artful pattern. ($850,

Designers Marc Maiorana and Robyn Raines of the Iron Design Company have come up with a space saving and symmetrical way to store up to half a case. Don't let the picture fool you. The shape of the rack is pre-formed and made out of powder-coated steel. A little eye trickery was a bit what the designers had in mind. "Our specialty is giving grace to a bold, stubborn building material and kind of defying the structural stereotype that steel is often associated with," Maiorana explains. ($240, hardware included and sold in specialty stores and

Wool felt is cropping up everywhere -- in bags, rugs, lampshades -- and now in a wine rack. Available from etcetera goods, their wool rack is naturally renewable and 100 percent recyclable, and it can be folded and put away when not in use. ($40, available from

Fans of the industrial aesthetic will love this gem from retailer CB2: Hand-welded galvanized sheet metal-cum-tubular sculpture, this rack can be used horizontally or on its side and it holds a full case. ($79.95,

Storvino has taken the ubiquitous plastic crate and fashioned a wine rack or holder. It's not the most eye-catching option, but they offer a modular one to stack as needed. The crates are also made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. ($19.99 per crate, The Container Store).


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