Blue mozzarella balls spark Italian recall

Italian police recalled and confiscated 70,000 balls of mozzarella after consumers saw that the milk-white cheese turned blue after the package was opened.

The Associated Press is reporting that there were no immediate reports of illness from eating the blue balls of mozzarella. The cheese was made in Germany for an Italian company -- neither has been named. Consumers reported the blueish tint to authorities after buying the cheese in Turin and Trento. Samples were sent to labs for testing.

A contamination warning was sent out over the European rapid alert system saying the cheese may have been sold in Italy and Slovenia. Even though mozzarella may seem like a staple of Italian recipes, the country isn't a chief producer of the mild cheese. FoodProductionDaily says the countries who produce the most mozzarella are the United States, Germany and Australia.

The tainted cheese has prompted a call from Italian agriculture lobbyists for origin labeling of products. Currently in Italy only fresh milk must have a origin label.