Best wheat crackers? We rank the house brands

Here's the lesson of the day, Money College readers: Listen to those with more life experience.

Kathy Birk, a self-described "snowbird" living in Indiana and Arizona, wrote Store Brand Scorecard saying that Aldi's brand of wheat thins was great tasting and a good deal. She asked if I would compare Wheat Thins to some store brands to see which one offered the best tasting thin wheat cracker for the price.

Now the lesson is you should listen to those with more life experience. That doesn't mean you have to agree with them on everything. And going into this challenge, I had some doubts. I've tried out a number of Aldi products since this blog started up and only one has won the Greatest Value challenge (that was for refrigerated meatloaf, for those keeping score). In almost every case Aldi products are the cheapest, but often they're the poorest quality, too.

But Store Brand Scorecard tried out wheat thins, the Aldi variety, and a brand each from a big box store and grocery store, respectively. Was Kathy right, or did Aldi disappoint again? Read on.