Amazon cuts the price of the Kindle to $189

Kindle to be sold in Target stores
Kindle to be sold in Target stores

After testing sales of Amazon's Kindle e-reader in 100 Florida Target stores earlier this year, Target began selling them on June 6 in all of its 1,740 stores throughout the U.S. And now, in yet another bold move, they've cut the price on the device by $60.

Target has been selling Kindles for the same price as Amazon does online, $259, and will no doubt drop its price to $189, too.

The surprisingly strong sales of Apple's newest glittery toy, the iPad, as well as price reductions on the Kindle's strongest apples-to-apples competitor, Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader, has put pressure on Amazon to expand marketing beyond its own web site and match its main competitor's pre.