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showcasing collectionsWe're back with another round of hot ideas for small-space living. From folding bikes to compact collections, babyproofing and house-cooling, RentedSpaces was a wealth of info this week. See what else we've got for you:

Folding Bikes Geared to Compact Space, Active Lifestyle
If a lack of storage space has your bicycle on permanent display in your dining room, it's time to take a look at the new generation of folding bikes. And get the image of rickety child-sized scooters out of your head: these bikes are built for serious road- and trail-travel. Read more.

Ace of Space: Display Your Collections
Whether your thing is antique china or sports memorabilia, let the Ace of Space show you how to tastefully display a collection in even the smallest of spaces. Look around -- the perfect corner for your Beanie Babies is probably already lurking in your apartment. Or, maybe best to keep those packed away... Read more.

Rogue Restaurants Are a Growing Trend
Hard-core foodies with nothing more than a home kitchen and a dream are driving the latest in restaurant trends: the "rogue restaurant". These pop-up eateries are like the speakeasies of the food world, but instead of a secret knock, they have secret entrances via Facebook, Twitter, and word-of-mouth. Read more.

Air Conditioning: Stay Cool This Summer Without It
If your electric bill is even higher than the thermometer this summer, consider turning off the a/c in favor of some greener -- and surprisingly effective -- ways of cooling your home, and your body. Any method that promotes the abundant consumption of spicy foods is worth a try in my book. Read more.

Apartment Baby-Proofing: Creating a Temporary Safe Zone
Your bachelor(ette) pad may be perfect for your lifestyle, but what to do when your baby-toting friends stop by for a visit? Check out 10 smart tips for making your space baby-safe without sacrificing your personal style. Your friends -- and your breakables -- will thank you. Read more.

Outdoor Smoking Ban: West Hollywood's Identity Crisis
Freewheeling West Hollywood is grappling with a social issue that many cities have faced in recent years: whether to institute a outdoor smoking ban. Restaurant and bar owners seem to be largely in favor of the movement, but is it going to put a kink in WeHo's famously wild style? Read more.
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