Top Companies Hiring Recent Grads

internships-entry-level-jobsIt's the season of "The Lists" for college graduates. During graduation time, lots of lists come out of the top companies looking to hire recent graduates.

Recently I wrote a column about's list of best places for college grads to work, which also were looking to hire people. Now, the website has come out with its list of top entry-level employers. It also has lists of the top companies looking for college interns and the top companies looking to hire people who recently got their master's degree. The rankings are based on the actual number of jobs the companies plan to fill.

At the top of the list for entry-level jobs is Verizon Wireless, which, according to, plans on hiring 10,500 recent college grads. What is interesting about Verizon is that it has a section of its website dedicated exclusively to college students and recent grads interested in internships and jobs at the company.

The list is a bit misleading, in that it includes some organizations that are more volunteer groups that pay stipends than actual employers. For example, numbers 4 and 5 on the list are Teach for America and The Peace Corps.

While these are great places to get experience that can lead to a full time job, they are not real full-time jobs. (See also The Peace Corps Led to a Great Job.)

What is encouraging about this current list is that it cuts across a lot of industries. The list was heavily weighted toward companies that are looking for engineers and MBAs, while this new list covers everything from retail to government employment.

No matter which companies are on these lists, hopefully you started your job hunt a few months ago and didn't wait until you had your diploma in hand to start sending out those resumes. But, if you are still looking, check out these lists and the links to the companies' employment websites to kick your job hunt into high gear.

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