In Demand Jobs: 4 Careers That Will Be Booming in the Years to Come

As a job seeker or as a student, it's important to keep one step ahead of the game and anticipate which jobs will be in demand in the future.

Between the baby boomers heading into retirement and companies looking for ways to survive the recession, it's been projected that careers in the healthcare and technology industries will be the top hiring sectors in the years to come.

If you're looking for a new career opportunity, check out some of these jobs in demand:

1. Home Health Aide

More and more baby boomers will need the assistance of home health aides, or home caregivers. An HHA is either a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Residential Assistant (RA) that assists patients in daily activities when a family member can not be there. In addition to caring for the elderly, a Home Health Aide assists patients with disabilities or mental illness.

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2. Computer Programmer

Every business is going digital - if they haven't already. From internal programs to creating an online presence, computer programmers are needed every step of the way. As technology changes, computer programmers need to constantly be on top of their game to ensure that businesses are in the know.

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3. Sales Representative

Time are tough now, but companies are already putting into play new sales strategies and goals for the years to come. Sales representatives that can think outside of the box and be ready to work toward a bigger and better company are going to be prized employees for businesses in every industry.

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4. Teacher

Many baby boomers are still working in schools, but plan on retirement once the economy picks up. In addition to a lot of veteran teachers leaving, school budgets will be able to grow once again when families are no longer feeling the pressure of a weakened economy. New teachers will be needed to replace any open positions and for new positions that will be developed as schools try to catch up with modern technology.

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