FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Building Materials Quick Links

FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Building Materials Quick Links

Why, hello Facefolks! It's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know.

By now I'm sure you've heard about FrontierVille, a Wild West themed game, where you play a pioneer and turn a humble plot of land into a bustling town. Oh yeah, in this game you can get married and have pioneer babies, too! Before you start a family, however, you have to create a place for everyone to live -- a staple of pioneer living -- a cabin. And to build that cabin you're going to need friends to give you supplies.

In an attempt to make things easier, you can sent building materials to your friend using this list of quick links. IMPORTANT: There's a catch, you can only send materials that are available in your free gifts section (each person can send two different types of materials at a time, these rotate week to week).

Long gone are the days when you could send any type of supply to friends when you want. Sigh. But you will have access to all these materials at some point or other, and these are the links required to get them going. So find out which items you can send, and then click on those items below and start delving out building materials like you're some kind of old timey Home Depot.

frontierville building supplies- bricks
frontierville building materials -- hammer
frontierville building materials -- nails
frontierville building materials - paint bucket
frontierville building supplies -- hand drill

BONUS TIP: If you're on the hunt for supplies, you can send a link like this to your friends. FACEBOOK ID NUMBER. All you need to do is add your 15-digit Facebook ID number at the end of the URL and copy and paste it on your friends' Facebook walls/email/in the comments below to let them know that you are on the hunt for supplies.

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If you are looking for gifts, leave a note (+link with your ID number) in the comments below. Also, leave a note if you have any additional building tips that Mr. Cheats may have overlooked.