Zoo Paradise spoofs Waldo with Where's Walter game

Zoo Paradise Where's Walter game
Crowdstar's popular zoo game, Zoo Paradise, is holding on strong at over 4.6 million players in the last 30 days. While they don't release things with the rapid speed that Happy Aquarium does, the game has been doing fairly well for itself. They have now added a brand new mini-game that spoofs on Where's Waldo. In this popular game, colorful pictures with hundreds of little people would be depicted, with one little man named Waldo who was dressed differently and more recognizable than any other. In Zoo Paradise, Walter is a familiar looking figure who will show up at your zoo like any other guest. Once you receive the popup and click "Find Now!" you will have 5 minutes in total to find Walter and click on him.

If you find Walter, you get 20xp and 20 coins. This isn't much, but it's a fun additional way to kill time while admiring your handiwork and tending to your animals and guests. We're not sure how often Walter will show up as a patron of your zoo, but we're sure it's relatively often since the reward is so low. This sounds like it would be a bigger challenge for those of you with large impressive zoos with many visitors. Perhaps a reward that scales with the number of visitors you have in your zoo would be a good idea?

Have you found Walter yet? How hard was he to spot?
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