Wild Ones' new pet Hamster is members only

wild ones new pet hamster
wild ones new pet hamster

Wild Ones has released another new pet: the hamster. This hamster follows the release of the bat, two pets which require the $5 monthly membership subscription.

The membership program became active not long ago and offers players access to exclusive weapons, items, deals and pets. Unfortuantely, only Wild Ones members are able to play as the fearsome rodent.

This hamster is not a creature you want to mess with, in fact, when powered up it poses maximum danger. The hamster's special move makes it grow twice it's usual size and allows the player to suffer only half the damage it usually would take, for an entire minute (pictured at right, hamster dwarfing panda). That's a very valuable minute of damage squandering, especially against the beefier weapons.