Treasure Isle Rain God will be reward for Fire God Mountain

Treasure Isle Rain God
Treasure Isle Rain God

Hey Treasure Isle players - you know that illusive Rain God that everyone is talking about yet no one seems to have? The one you need to complete your collection that you've been trying to complete for weeks? Today, Zynga revealed new information on the Volcano Digger's Anonymous page that stated that the Rain God will be a reward for completing the Fire God Mountain maps (which have not yet been released). Previously, players had been getting this Rain God by contacting Treasure Isle's customer support, who would often hand them out as a gift. Now we know how this will be attained, and we're even more excited for the volcano maps.

We still don't have a release date for the Fire God Mountain yet, but there have been so many teasers and spoilers released so far that it has to be soon. One thing we now know is that completing the map will depend on finding the one treasure per map in the least clicks possible. This is substantially different from how all the other maps play. It's really refreshing that this new set of maps will bring new game mechanics and not just a change of scenery.

Do you have a Rain God in Treasure Isle? How did you get yours?