Summer Puzzle Collection Item Coming Soon To YoVille

summer puzzle collection itemThis is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

We've got a brand new summer inspired Puzzle Collection Item coming very soon! Check out a sneak peek of this Llama Floaty Collection item! Let's run through how to get your hands on these Llama Floaty Puzzle Pieces and how to share puzzle pieces with your friends!

How Do I collect a Llama Floaty Puzzle Piece?


yoville collections mystery box

To receive a Llama Floaty Collection Puzzle piece you will need to open up Collection Mystery Boxes(Free Gift) or Click in on Mystery Box Collection Puzzle Feeds.

If you receive a Collection Mystery Box you will get the chance to receive a puzzle piece when you open these. To open these items place them in your room and click open or go to your inventory, click on the item and then click open.

Keep your eyes out for the following feeds. Once you find one make sure to click on "Get a Random Piece" and if you are one of the first to click in you will receive a puzzle piece.

* Please note that this Collections Mystery Box and Mystery Collections Feeds will be giving out Enchanted Puzzle Pieces, Luxury Puzzle Pieces, as well as Llama Floaty Puzzle Pieces. So there is the chance you can receive all of these different puzzle pieces when you click through these feeds or open this Collections Mystery Box*

How to Share a Ll

ama Puzzle Pieces with my Friends?


You can share these Puzzle Pieces with your friends by sending them Collection Mystery Boxes or posting a Mystery Collection Puzzle Feed.

After you receive a Llama Floaty Puzzle Piece you will be prompted to "Share" this opportunity with your friends, make sure to click share and this will be posted on your friend's walls to click in on.This will give them the chance to click in and get a puzzle piece to add to their collection

Make sure to share these with your friends as well as send them some Collections Mystery Boxes as well! And don't be shy and ask for some in return :)

Just like all the other collection puzzles you will have to collect each puzzle piece to complete the puzzle. Once you do you can redeem this item and it will appear in your inventory! Hope you enjoy and we'll let you know when this new collection puzzle item is live in game!

- Platinum Ninja

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