Offerpal: In-game offers triples advertising revenue


Those ubiquitous, infamous offer walls that run below many social games are a great way for publishers to attract more revenue from their players. But they only work if users see them, and statistics show that the vast majority of players simply never bother scrolling down. Enter the harder-to-ignore in-game offer, which a new white paper from social game advertiser OfferPal shows is an incredibly efficient way of creating more revenue opportunities from players.

How effective, exactly? Offerpal says developers that use it saw three times as much offer-based advertising revenue. According to the white paper, most of that increased revenue comes from users that had never participated in an advertising offer before (they made up 93% of those who participate in the in-game promotions). The in-game offers are relatively sticky as well, with 10% of these new promotion users coming back to complete another promotion within a week.

Of course, OfferPal has a vested interest in putting a good face on in-game offers, since they provide those very offers to game developers as their core business. Still, we have no specific reason to doubt their reporting. If in-game offers are really this good at drawing more money out of social game players, you can expect to see them in a LOT more games relatively soon.

[Via SocialTimes]