Happy Birthday FarmVille! One year later, the farm game still rules Facebook


Hard to believe that it was only a year ago that FarmVille ignited our passion for farming, albeit virtually. Since then, we've harvested thousands of crops, trees, animals and have sent about just as many gifts to our friends. We've also graduated from simple farming to asking friends for holiday gifts, Valentines and eggs for limited edition seasonal mini-games. We've upgraded from a regular tractor to a more efficient (but gas-hogging) Hot Rod tractor complete with flames on the sides. We've moved from farming solo, to farming with friends in Co-Op mode, with the Farmer's Market and now with Crafting Cottages. And, we finally discovered there was life beyond level 70 and buying that $1 million villa.

Of course, this year has been filled with its share of problems: Friends complained about us spamming them on Facebook, there was that whole ScamVille incident, the game has had some ongoing stability problems, and oh yeah, some people got so addicted to the game that they neglected their families.

But for many of us, these negatives can't overshadow the hours of enjoyment we've gotten out of this Facebook game that you can play for the low price of free. Even though the popularity of the game seems to be waning, 65 million some-odd people can't be wrong.

Happy First Birthday, FarmVille -- here's to many more.


What are some of your favorite FarmVille items/moments from the past year? Leave a note in the comments below.