Gail Posner's dogs inherit Miami estate, kid fights


When Miami heiress Gail Posner died in March, she left a $3 million trust fund and the right to live in her $8.3 million mansion to her three pet dogs. Posner is the daughter of millionaire Victor Posner, who died in 2002.

Her son, Brett Carr, who she left a paltry $1 million in comparison, is disputing the will in Miami-Dade County Court and suing Posner's personal aides, whom he claims took advantage of his mom and changed her will, Miami New Times is reporting. Posner's will leaves her aides a total of $26 million and gives one of them the right to live in the mansion to care for the dogs.

Carr's attorney, Bruce A. Katzen of Miami, wasn't immediately available for comment today on what the next step in the legal fight. Most of the lawsuit is blacked out on the court's website and unavailable for viewing.

While she was alive, Posner spoiled one of her dogs in particular -- a Chihuahua named Conchita -- showering her with a diamond necklace from Cartier, weekly spa treatments and a gold Cadillac Escalade to driver her around.

NBC Miami is reporting that Carr's lawsuit claims the aides "brainwashed" his mother and encouraged her to tout Conchita as "one of the world's most spoiled dogs."

Posner's pooches aren't the first pets to be left millions. The "Queen of Mean" herself, real estate mogul Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her Maltese named Trouble, while ignoring two grandkids. A judge later reduced that amount to $2 million.