Free e-cards for Father's Day and they're not lame

Free e-cards for Father's Day and they're not lameAccording to a survey conducted by Old Spice on Facebook, 81% of men report "awesome" or "pretty cool" relationships with dear old dad, but a whopping 47% complain that most Father's Day cards range from "somewhat lame" to "extremely lame."

Hallmark are you listening? Edgy is the new mushy.

To combat the crisis, and give penny-wise props to patriarchs everywhere, Old Spice is keepin' it real (and real funny) with their first, free line of Father's Day e-cards. An 11-card series of virtual fist bumps that puts the fun back into dysfunction.

Old Spice invites cash-strapped and comedic sons and daughters to "be a hero in ten seconds or less" with refreshing sentiments that include: "Dear Dad, I hope that you had a good year and made decisions that won't cost me too much of my inheritance," or "Thanks for letting me 'learn the hard way' when it comes to insurmountable credit card debt.

"Love punch dad in the heart" without springing for a stamp. Available on Old Spice's Facebook page (click on the "Father's Day" tab), the cards can be sent to his Facebook account or email address on Father's Day. Depending on how old your dad is, this may or may not be tricky. But sending an Old Spice e-card will also earn a 40% discount at the company's online store. (has dad been hinting for a new bucket hat or flask?).

If you don't find what you're looking for among the Old Spice sentiments, check out edgy e-cards at sites such as offering free "quirky messages that hit the spot ... without compromising your aesthetic sensibilities," or offering up a range of witticisms including: This Father's Day, let's celebrate the fact that none of my messes cost $20 billion to clean up or the appreciative, Dad, thanks for always helping me out financially so I can focus on being an independent woman. At Wrong, they've got you covered with new ways to say, "I love you, man," or at least, "no hard feelings."

Think: Happy Father's Day you old bugger or the glass half-full, Happy Father's Day from one of your more legitimate children.

As long as Dad shares your sense of humor, you probably won't be cut completely out of the will.

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