FarmVille Party Duck comes out to the celebration quacking


We got another pleasant unannounced FarmVille surprise tonight, when these adorable Party Ducks started to show up on our Facebook wall. These lonely lost ducks will appear randomly on your farm and you can then share them with friends. What better way to celebrate FarmVille's one year anniversary than sharing a present with your FarmVille friends? This Party Duck is harvestable like all other animals, and we predict that it will disappear after July 1st when the other birthday gifts are being removed from the Market.

If you want a Party Duck, check your Facebook wall for posts from your friends. They are rampant right now, so chances are you'll have no problem finding one. This duck is the exact same duck model as the regular one, however it has a noisemaker in its mouth and a party hat on its head. Too cute for words.