FarmVille Official Podcast June 18, 2010

This week's official FarmVille Podcast for June 18th is on time as scheduled and hosted by FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious.

You can listen to the video above, read the FarmVille Freak summary below or read the official transcript provided by Zynga at the bottom of the post.

FarmGoddess' FarmVille Freak Podcast Summary:

This Week's FarmVille Upgrades Included:

Increased Levels

* Added levels 70-90.
* Perks for higher level farmers including items, gifts, and crops.

Building Rotation

* More buildings have the ability to be rotated.
* Not all buildings can rotate.

LE(Limited edition) Tiki Items

Re-release of past LE Buildings

* Will be able to purchase in the FV Market during the next 7 days.

Tuscan Wedding Event Changes

* Time frame extended until June 29th.
* Instead of receiving only one Tuscan Wedding item per gift, you will now automatically send two.
* Dropped the prices of the Tuscan Wedding Reward prizes.

Happy Birthday FarmVille

* In honor of FarmVille's birthday or one year anniversary, special limited edition birthday items were released.
* LE Cupcake Crop.
* LE Cupcake Co-Op Farming Job.
* Free One Year Balloon found in your Gift Box.
* Adoptable Party Duck.

LE Japanese Theme

* New theme introduced including buildings and decorations.

New Country Flags

* 7 flags introduced as permanent fixtures to the FV Market.

Changes to Wheat Crop

* The harvest time and Crop Mastery has changed for Wheat.
* Wheat will be a a main staple in the upcoming Crafting Cottage feature so the growing time was lowered.