FarmVille: New Cupcake Crop celebrates a sweet birthday

FarmVille cupcake crop
Tonight we have the full details on all of the festivities in FarmVille that are going in in celebration of the game's first birthday. One exciting new release is the Cupcake Crop, which we leaked here on the blog yesterday. This new crop is available in the Market only until July 1st. These cupcakes are an 8 hour crop that give 1 XP when harvested and sell for 6 0 coins. One thing important to note is that the Cupcake Crop will indeed have mastery associated with it, so all of you dedicated farmers should know that there is a reward for your diligence in planting and harvesting.

We think planting cupcakes is just the right kind of silly that we need. With so much seriousness going on in FarmVille lately, such as the Tuscan wedding, Southwestern decorations, and Tiki theme, it's nice to have a change in mood and liven things up a bit. We'll be filling our farm with cupcake crops for sure, and it will be a sad day when July rolls around and this crop is removed from the market. Happy birthday FarmVille!
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