FarmVille Makes Changes to Tuscan Wedding Gifts and Rewards!

farmville tuscan wedding changes
Tonight's unusual Wednesday night FarmVille update made changes to Tuscan Wedding gifting and rewards.

Tuscan Wedding Gifting Changes:
Now whenever you send any Tuscan Wedding gifts to your friends they will receive more. Instead of only sending/receiving one item per Tuscan Wedding Gift, you will be able to automatically send/receive 2.

Tuscan Wedding Rewards Changes:
Tuscan Wedding rewards now cost less! You can redeem the Rewards after trading in a set of favors, but the prices of the rewards are cheaper (see price list below).

  • Wedding Cake – 5 Favor
  • Spaghetti Sheep – 15 Favor
  • Pig High Art – 25 Favor
  • Apollo Butterfly – 40 Favor
  • Bella Fountain – 60 Favor
  • Leaning Tower – 80 Favor

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