Don't Move -- Improve: How to Rethink Space in Your Home

right-sizing your home
right-sizing your home

Your dining room has become a walkway to the kitchen, with eight chairs and a table piled high with mail and laundry. Your living room is occupied by a television and two people working on laptops, and papers spread all over the coffee table.

You look around and think you need a bigger house. Or a smaller house. Or an addition to your home, which you know will solve all your problems. But moving is not necessarily an option in this economy. And tapping the home equity line is out of the question.

The solution? Right-size your home, says Gale Steves, former editor-in-chief of Home magazine and an advocate for smart space design.

Her new book, "Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Suit Your Lifestyle," (Northwest Arm Press, $21.95) gives readers practical solutions on how to reimagine, rearrange and rethink your living space without remodeling or relocating.

Steves spoke to HousingWatch about how people are using their homes today, what rooms are most important, and how homeowners can refashion existing space to make their homes more livable.