Donna Summer has a beef with Wendy's after it pulls Disco Fever CD

There is no revolving mirrored ball or dancing in Donna Summer's battle with Wendy's over whether a promotional disco music karaoke CD that Wendy's distributed in children's meals contained a song with language inappropriate for kids.

Summer is upset that Wendy's pulled the CD containing her 1978 disco hit "Last Dance," over suggestions made on the Internet that one line in the song -- "I'm oh so horny" -- is just not the right message for the burger chain's youngest customers.
For those who missed disco fever -- and we do feel sorry for them -- "Last Dance" starts out with Summer singing about a last chance for love and romance. In it she says she needs "you, by me, to guide me, hold me and scold me ... cause when I'm bad, I'm so bad."

The song picks up speed and tempo and then returns to that whole being bad theme. Some web versions of the lyrics say that in the later portion, the song includes the words, "I'm so, so horny." There have been internet suggestions that a second version of the lyrics was more adult.

Wendy's currently has a promotion in which it is offering Car Karaoke CDs. Basically, it features "songs for the car" including the Jackson Five's "ABC." Another CD the chain is offering features Motown for Kids and includes "Please Mr. Postman" by the Marvelettes. And then there is Disco Fever CD.

A note on Wendy's web site says, "We are no longer offering this Karaoke Disco Fever CD. We're sorry and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Denny Lynch, Wendys senior vice president of communications, said the CD was pulled because of customers perception. Some customers are convinced that what they hear is not what Donna sang, he said.

In a posting on her web site, Summer denied there were dirty lyrics or a second set of lyrics for the song.

"It has come to my attention there have been misinformed postings on the internet claiming that my performance of 'Last Dance', which was recently used in a Wendy's promotion, somehow included questionable lyrics and there were two versions of 'Last Dance', written by the late Paul Jabara," Summer wrote on her web site.

"These comments are entirely false. I have performed 'Last Dance' for many years, singing the one and only version, exactly as written. My original recorded version of this classic song was licensed by Wendy's from Universal Music. Any false representations to the contrary not only defame the memory of Mr. Jabara, but show a lack of care for the truth and respect for my career and the feelings of my audience."

Lynch said he was happy Summer cleared up that she never sang the word some customers thought she sang, but with the promotion due to end in a week, it was too late to reinstate the disco CDs
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