Cash4Gold didn't pay me, what do I do?

Cash4Gold Help Me WalletPop!
Cash4Gold Help Me WalletPop!

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Q. Last August, I sent a bracelet and a diamond from a ring to Cash4Gold. They sent me $50 for the gold bracelet, but said they never received the heart-shaped diamond. They asked that I produce a receipt from Kay Jeweler's and said they'd reimburse me the amount. I was able to get the receipt, which was for $990, and fax it to them. They then said that after reviewing their cameras, they found the diamond on the floor. I asked that they send it back to me, but they never did. After many phone calls - 30 or 40 - they wouldn't help me at all. I then put in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and now they won't talk to me. I'd really like to get my diamond back. Thanks for anything you can do.
Tim Lowe,
Bowie, MD

A. I called Cash4Gold and they launched an investigation into your case. They declined to tell me what happened to your diamond, but a package is currently on its way to you containing the items that you sold to the company, as well as a check for $1,000 to replace the retail purchase price of your diamond.