Become a barista in Cafe World with new coffee machines


Are you sick of simply cooking recipes in Cafe World, slaving over the hot stove? Now you can brew coffee to serve your guests, with the new coffee maker. This coffee maker brews a limited amount of coffee, which requires the user of a new consumable energy bar. Energy can be refilled by buying energy refills, or by waiting while it regenerates by itself over time.

To access the coffee maker, you first need to unpack the crate in your cafe. In the top right corner of your screen, there is a coffee cup icon that you can click to access your crate, which requires 3 neighbors to open. Once you've unpacked the crate, you can move your new coffee maker anywhere you wish. Clicking on the coffee maker brings up an interface that allows you to select whcih kind of coffee you wish to brew. Higher energy costing coffee produces more servings and higher rewards, but as a result, will cost extra energy to brew. Only one pot of coffee can be brewed at a time, so all cups will have to be depleted before another can be brewed.

What do you think of this feature in Cafe World? I'll take a venti nonfat soy light ice vanilla chai please.

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