Art scholarships abound for creative students

Art scholarships abound for creative studentsCreative comrades, starve no more. Art scholarships are not limited to students of drawing, painting and photography. Nowadays, you can find art scholarships for many mediums, from animation and design to culinary and music, to name a few.

If you are searching, look carefully, though. Some art scholarships are specific to a state or a college, so it is well advised to do a scholarship search in order to find the art scholarship that best suits you. An obvious place to start is

Oftentimes, art scholarships work a little differently than other types of scholarships. According to Online Education Database, there are three distinct ways an art scholarship can be awarded.
  1. An art student can win a scholarship through academic achievements, a good GPA, and distinct talent in his or her preferred medium.
  2. Art scholarships can also be won as the result of an art competition, where the student's artwork is placed in competition with the work of his or her peers.
  3. Art scholarships can be awarded to talented students in classes taught by certain professors at certain art schools.
Not only do schools offer scholarships to currently enrolled and prospective students, so do a variety of other groups and organizations. Always check with your school, college, or university art department. And don't forget to look into art competitions and festivals for art scholarship opportunities.

Here is a list from OED with some of the best art scholarships available:
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