Apartment Guru: Move Over, Dad's Moving In

dad as a roommate
dad as a roommate

Dear Apartment Guru,

My dad asked if he could move in with me for a few weeks this summer. He has to be out of his house due to a whole host of complications that have been coming up for him since late last year, when he lost his job. He has a new job that is really close to where I live, so I think he just sees it as the best option for now. (My sister lives about an hour away.)

He promises to be out by August 1st at the latest, or sooner if possible.

I live in a tiny New York City one-bedroom apartment. Two people can't even fit in the kitchen at the same time. Plus, as a girl, I just feel so weird about my dad and I sharing a bathroom and everything else!

To be honest, I barely have room for myself, much less my dad and all his stuff. But I know he's in a tight spot. My mother died a few years ago and a lot of his family has moved out of state. And I have a futon in my living room that I know he could use.

So, if I'm gonna agree to do this, what do I do?

-- Daughter's Dilemma