Quote of the moment: What "terrifies" CliffyB?

"Gears of FarmVille? It's fun to hate on FarmVille but they obviously did something right. The rest of the industry is looking at lessons to be learned as far as reciprocity and how to have everybody publicize your game whether they want to or not.

"Our engine is up and running on the iPhone and iPad .... We'll see as far as our actual games appearing on there what happens in the future. It's hard to ignore those numbers. And it's hard to ignore the fractured market and how it is now. A few years ago it was like PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. Now it's like, OK, PC, MMOs, browser-based games and Facebook-based games and iPad games, Nintendo 3D DS, Xbox and then Kinect and PlayStation Move and PlayStation 3, and it's like there's 4 million different categories, which quite frankly terrifies me. I think the industry's a little bit nervous about it."

-Gears of War designer Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski discusses the quickly fragmenting game market with Games.com.