Party Girl: Brunch Like a Man on Father's Day

It's a simple fact of life: neckties and macaroni art cease to be passable Father's Day gifts once you're old enough to vote. So step it up this year and invite Pops over for a mouthwatering -- and manly -- brunch.

If you're thinking that the whole "brunch" concept flies in the face of manliness, you're not thinking hard enough. Skip the vegetarian quiche, shelve the champagne, and forget the fruit salad. Fire up the grill -- this is a man's brunch!
If you're short on outdoor space (or short a grill), you can easily adapt the menu to the stovetop and oven. Dad will still appreciate the fact that he gets to eat his gift, instead of wearing it to the office on Monday.

Brunch Like a Man

Steak Quiche
Trade delicate spinach quiche for a hearty, grilled-steak version. The recipe may tell you to cook the steak under your oven's broiler, but that's not how Dad would do it. Fire up that grill! Have your crust and filling ingredients already prepped, and you can go practically straight from grill to oven with this one.

Grilled Home Fries
It's hard to go wrong with a breakfast potato, but let's man this dish up a bit by tossing in some spicy jalapeno peppers and cooking the whole deal on -- you guessed it -- the grill.

Grilled Asparagus with Blender Hollandaise
Swap lame steamed veggies for smokey asparagus draped in rich hollandaise. Dazzle Dad with this tasty sauce that many home cooks are too afraid to take on: with a blender (a Julia Child trick) as your secret weapon, you'll whip this sauce into shape without ever lifting a whisk.

Margarita Fruit Salad
Plain ol' fruit salad gets taken to a whole new level with the addition of some traditional margarita flavors. Spike fruit with a boozy dressing made from tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice to bring a bit of Mexican flair to your brunch table.

Beer Shandy
Ditch the chamapagne in favor of a few cold ones (dressed up for the occasion, but still b-e-e-r). Add sparkling lemonade to your favorite lager for a refreshing quencher with all the bubbles, but none of the priss. Gourmet lemonade too fancy for you? Crack open a can of your favorite lemon-lime soda and get on with the party.

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