Great Jobs for the 'Twilight' Vampires

'Eclipse,' the third installment of the hugely popular 'Twilight' film franchise, hits theaters on June 30. And, while the heroic vampire Edward and other vampire characters such as James, Alice and Victoria exist in an imaginary world where no one has to worry about paychecks or paying bills, we wondered: What if they did have to work for a living?

What kinds of things could Edward the vampire actually do to make money? Well, for starters, they'd have to be, um -- nighttime jobs. (The 'Twilight' vampires would be exposed to possible death by the sunlight). Jobs that call for extra-human strength, super speed and endless endurance would be good, while careers that involve wounded people, raw meat and/or human blood -- maybe no so much. And for those positions that require some sort of education or certification, we have two words: night school.