New Disney Dress Code Bares Legs

You might notice something new at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Female employees with bare legs.

Disney has decided it's okay for female park employees to skip the panty hose, in the biggest change in the company's appearance dress code in nearly a decade, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Disney goes for an all-American, well-groomed look and does not make such changes lightly. The last major change was in 2000, when the company said it would let male employees wear mustaches. A few years ago, Disney also tweaked that rule to allow men to wear their hair in cornrows.

Of the bare legs move, Disneyland spokeswoman Betsy Sanchez told the Times, "We are trying to stay relevant."

The new rules mostly apply to employees working behind the scenes. Cast members in character will still have to stick to their costumes. So there will be no bare legs on Minnie Mouse, et al.

Under the code update, female employees will also be permitted to wear sleeveless tops, though only if the shoulder straps are at least 3 inches wide; Capri pants; and sling-back shoes with open toes. And men will be allowed to wear untucked, casual shirts, the Times reports.

Photo, Glenn Gutierrez, flickr
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