Man moves to a new apartment - all by NYC subway

Man moves to a new apartment - all by NYC subwayWho needs a U-Haul when you have the 7 and 1 trains?

Young Min, who became an underground symbol of frugality by moving a truckload of possessions to a new apartment via the New York City subway system, has no regrets. He told WalletPop that he saved about $1,100 in relocation costs. Beyond that, he shared a laugh with friends who reluctantly helped.

"It was too hard but we made a memory which will never be forgotten by us," he wrote in an e-mail.

Min added, however, that his pals won't forgive him for the hassle and embarrassment until he buys them dinner. They walked off the job mid-move after helping him schlep the following from Flushing, Queens, to an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, all on a $2.25 subway ride with a transfer at the crowded Times Square Station: a 40-pound bag of rice, air conditioner, portable closet, dishes, laptop, linens, books, clothes, framed pictures, a soup cauldron and medicine. His pals said no to a next-day trip to carry his bed, TV and dresser.

A freelance writer who saw Min on the subway chronicled the adventure (and itemized the inventory) for New York magazine. Min said he has enjoyed the exposure, even the negative comments. As a 6-foot-3 South Korean immigrant, he said he's used to attracting attention. And if he didn't see the humor in it, he'd be in for a rocky career: The 24-year-old wants to direct comedy shows.

Min said he sought the cheapest alternative to moving possible after paying the rent and security on his new lease. A friend who was going to be his roommate failed to put up his half, putting Min in a bind. Now he's happy to report that he finally settled in, and is enjoying the proximity to the library. "Good for my English," he wrote.

As for the rest of his stuff, Min left it behind. "I was busy my first week because I had to find furniture," he said.

We were afraid to ask how he transported it.

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