You're Young, but It's NOT Over Your Head

gen-next-job-searchA friend of mine on the job hunt recently shared with me a great career opportunity that she is being considered for. However, she quickly followed up her passionate delivery of this golden position with, "But, I think it's over my head."

Don't sell yourself short, Millennials! If you get offered a great job opportunity that seems like a bit of a challenge, embrace the challenge! The person hiring you is well aware of your age and the graduation date listed on your resume. They realize you are not walking in the door with 10 years worth of knowledge and experience at the age of 22.

So why are they considering you for a substantial position? Most likely, they view you as untapped talent, with fabulous potential, the ability to be molded, and you're walking in the door with a CHEAPER PRICE TAG!

NEWSFLASH: The economy is still in the tanker folks, regardless of what some of the talking heads are saying on television.

Because of the current economic situation, many recent college grads are getting hired for positions, that in a great economy, would take them years to obtain. Capitalize on the fact that companies across the country are looking to pay people less to do more... and YOU, as a Millennial, come cheap.

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