Biz Brief: Sony's Next Web TVs Will Let You Create Your Own Channels


Sony (SNE) has a new Web TV system that allows consumers to create their own channels. Web-based streaming and downloading of content to PCs and TV screens have been around for a decade, but the programmers has always decided what content each "channel" would provide.

According to Bloomberg, "The idea is to make it easier for consumers to bypass cable and effectively create their own personal TV channels." The news service adds that the new model will be supported by advertising, plus subscription and pay-per-view revenue.

The plan sound similar to what analysts foresee as the future of premium-programming website Hulu, and eventually, YouTube. Hulu is currently supported by advertising, but plans to add subscription fees. YouTube has been experimenting with pay-per-view and advertising-supported content.

Streaming video to the home, invented over ten years ago, seems to be "new" again.

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