Ace of Space: Display Your Collections

showcasing collectionsLiving in a small space doesn't mean you have to give up prized collections. Displaying collections is an excellent way to decorate your home. The trick is figuring out how to organize your collections so you can exhibit them creatively.

Here's how to show your collections without turning your apartment into a clutter bomb:

1. Identify your collections.

Set aside time to go through all of your random tchotchkes -- open drawers and dig through closets. Collect them all and lay them out in an open space. This will help you see what you have. (Chances are you'll find multiples of items and often find a theme).

2. Only keep the stuff you absolutely love.

As you go through your stuff, ask yourself:
  • What do I really want to keep?
  • What do I want to look at everyday?
  • What do I absolutely love?

Collections tell stories about you and the life you've lived. So your display should give you a sense of joy and happiness. They should never feel like a burden.

3. Evaluate your living space.

Evaluate your living space and think about where you want to display collections. That could be in the living room, kitchen or the bathroom. Don't forget about using vertical space effectively. For instance, you might decide to group your artwork and photographs on a living room wall. Or you might have a spoon collection you can display in a shadow box or cabinet.

There are a variety of ways you can integrate collections into your home. For instance, you can display them on a windowsill, wall, shelf, or in a jar or bowl.

Apartment Therapy has an excellent post, called 10 Best Collectibles Display Ideas. So if you're totally stuck and can't figure out how to display your collections, take a look at it. You'll find creative ways to display Pez dispensers, jewelry, action figures, wine memorabilia, and more.

displaying collections4. Think about functional ways to display collections.

If you want to hang onto your collections, but keep living space uncluttered, consider incorporating some pieces of furniture into your living space. For instance, the Bell Jar Table Lamp from West Elm is a great way to light up a room and display one of your favorite objects.

Another example of a multipurpose display is the Memory Box Tabletop. It can be used for displaying crafts, photos, or artwork. It's a cool catch all table to display your items.

The IKEA Bucket Pendant Light is a cool alternative for customizing your room. The bucket houses a clear plastic bulb, with surrounding space. This lamp could be a really fun way to display a sea shell collection.

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