WeReward pays for chronicling what we buy

Aaron Crowe

For anyone who Tweets, posts on Facebook, uses Foursquare or other ways to tell people where they are and what they're buying, WeReward.com has a way to turn what they're already doing for free into some money.

While you won't get rich using WeReward for chronicling your purchases via a photo on an iPhone at any of its 15 million business partners, you at least won't have to put a photo of your cheeseburger and fries online for the world to see. Only the merchant has to see it to confirm you bought its product at its store. It's like Facebook or Twitter for shy people, but with a few pennies or dollars thrown in, depending on the business.

"Our goal is to try to save people about 20%, on an average ticket," WeReward CEO Ted Murphy told WalletPop in a telephone interview.