Rue McClanahan's New York Apartment Lists for $2.25 Million

Last week America lost another Golden Girl. Rue McClanahan, the Hollywood actress who played Blanche Devereaux on the hit series "The Golden Girls" passed away at age 76. Now her New York City three-bedroom co-op is on the market for $2.25 million.

Apparently the ex-soap opera star (shown at left, at the top of the photo) already was looking to sell her 430 East 56th St. Sutton Manor spot before she died, so The New York Times recently took a gander at the place she called home.
Within the confines of Sutton Manor, a 159-unit building built in 1955 and co-oped since 1982, McClananhan's home has some fun and quirky design details. There's a secret doorway: a spice rack that opens to a bathroom behind the kitchen. And just as one might imagine the man-crazy Blanche would enjoy, Rue's home had an office door sculpted to look like a naked woman walked through it. According to the New York Times reporter, "The woman's head and one breast extend into the hallway; her hand is the doorknob. From inside the office, you see her backside."

Given that McClanahan was a Hollywood, TV and Broadway actress (and a Southern one at that) for several decades, it's no surprise that her home is replete with more than a dozen impressive closets to house what was no doubt an impressive wardrobe. There are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home, but the unit's real gem is a roughly 1,600-square-foot, south-facing private garden that has been professionally landscaped and beautifully designed. The garden overlooks private tennis courts and, according to the listing, it "functions as a country getaway." McClanahan enjoyed southern, western and northen exposures; which meant no waterfront views, but nice midtown skyline views.

"I think she really strived to make it feel like home to everybody," Gail Kennedy, Ms. McClanahan's live-in attendant told the Times.

Sadly, Betty White is now the only living Golden Girl. She keeps a home in Los Angeles as did her late castmates Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur.

Meanwhile, the actual "Golden Girls" house, where it was imagined Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sofia spent evenings gabbing and bickering over cheesecake and relationship issues, is still standing. Also built in 1955, the single-family home with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and roughly 2,901 square feet would sell for an estimated $3 million if on the market. It is located at 245 N Saltair Ave. in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles.

Fun fact: The Brentwood house was used for the exterior shots in Season 1 before the Orlando Disney-MGM Studios model was built.
Sad fact: The model house was demolished in 2003 to make way for a stunt show called "Lights! Motors! Action!"

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