Report: Japanese bank invests $147M in Zynga


We can't imagine Farmville-maker Zynga is having any cash problems, what with its myriad sources of revenue and individual players dropping upwards of $25,000 on social games as a whole. But the company is nonetheless continuing to take on cash infusions from willing investors.

The latest investment comes in the form of 13.5 billion yen (about $147 million) invested by Japan's Softbank Corp., according to two anonymous sources who talked to Bloomberg Businessweek. You may remember Softbank as the ones that invested $17 million in social game ad network RockYou back in 2008.

Along with the $180 million invested by a Russian firm late last year, this latest investment would go a small way towards making Zynga's theoretical $5 billion market cap a reality rather than a suppostion. Frankly, we're wondering why the company doesn't just pull a Google and cash in with a public-auction style initial public offering while the iron is still hot.

[Via Mashable]