Rental in Playa Del Rey: 1BR With Amazing Views, $2,395

Playa Del Ray RentalPlaya Del Rey is one of the more quiet beach communities which provides housing on the water front and sweeping views for its lucky residents. This one bedroom, two bathroom apartment is located extremely close to the beach and the future resident will have amazing views of the Marina Wetlands. It's definitely a bonus when a listing presents not only a great apartment, but a great apartment with natural beauty right outside your door.

Living in Playa Del Rey has a number of advantages and this apartment offers a lot in terms of location and amenities.The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Playa Del Rey is $1,895, making this apartment above the median cost. However, the average one-bedroom contains one bathroom, this apartment has two. Another very big bonus that this apartment provides is space -- over 1,350 square feet of it.

The views from the separate rooms are amazing (just take a look at the picture of the living room shown above). There are floor-to-ceiling windows with a sliding glass door that leads to a large deck. Not only can you enjoy the gorgeous natural Marina Wetlands all around you and the city in the distance, but you can sit on your deck and enjoy the ocean breeze as well. With this spacious residence you can entertain indoors and out and enjoy your views on the deck or by the fireplace in the living room.

The apartment comes with the standard refrigerator and stove and it also has a washer and dryer in the unit. It also has carpets and is accessible by elevator. The unit has many interesting design details including stairs that lead to a sunken living room.

Playa Del Rey is located next to Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey, so when you want to go out and have some fun you have some of the best beach spots nearby. Playa Del Rey offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles and unlike Venice and Santa Monica, which are usually bustling with crowds, Playa Del Rey is more private and tucked away, so you can hang out on the beach here and feel like it's all yours.

The location is not only great for the beach and fun, but also practically. It only a few miles from LAX airport, convenient for when you have to travel or plan to entertain friends and family from out of town. You can even get there without the highway, which, in Los Angeles, is always good. The one major drawback to this area is there is little or no public transport.

This apartment offers great indoor space and incredibly views with a great deck. And it comes with two-car gated parking. This low-key beach area might be the perfect spot to call home.

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