Quote of the Moment: Controlling your spending


"There is a misconception that the social gamer goes online to engage in a 'free' game, and then becomes 'tricked' or 'lured' by the developers into spending money. This implies that the social gamer has somehow less control over his expenditure than if he was to go and spend £40 upfront for a new title on the Playstation3.

I would argue that latter is a process whereby the customer is less in control. There is no negotiating how much of that £40 cake he would actually like to eat, or will even be able to eat; this is how it's packaged, like it or not. The payment system in social gaming provides more control, allowing the customer to more accurately get what he wants. It allows the less interested gamer to spend less, and the more interested to spend more."

-Clubv3's Ciaran O'Connor argues that social gamers aren't just profligate morons in his new white paper, entitled "What is the Appeal of Social Games"