Poll: Who Should Be Eliot Spitzer's CNN Work Wife?

Weird as it might sound, it's looking like Eliot Spitzer really is going to be CNN's next big hire. According to the New York Post's Page Six, the former New York governor is inches away from a deal that would install him as co-host of a new 8 p.m. program similar to Crossfire, the political debate show the network canceled in 2005. (The gossip column also reports that CNN is about to hire "disgraced. . .former British tabloid editor Piers Morgan," and if anyone should know about disgraced tabloid editors, it's Page Six, right?)

What is still uncertain for CNN is who they should select as a conservative co-host for Spitzer to square off against. I've already said I think it must be a woman, one who can match him for toughness and pugnacity. But who? Here are a few (perhaps too obvious) candidates:

Monica Crowley: This Washington Times columnist and Fox News contributor is conservative, blond and camera-ready. And, like Spitzer, she's no stranger to scandal: Crowley was once accused of plagiarizing an article on Richard Nixon.

Liz Cheney: The former vice president's daughter is a tough debater. Though a firm conservative, she, like her father, supports same-sex marriage rights, giving her and Spitzer some common ground.

Laura Ingraham: There's nothing especially nuanced about Ingraham's politics, but her, um, assertiveness would assure some spirited debates.

Sarah Palin:CNN needs ratings. Palin brings ratings. End of story. Ooh, they could call the show Governor's Brawl!

Michelle Malkin: She's so rabid, she couldn't even last on The O'Reilly Factor. She and Spitzer would probably be stabbing each other with steak knives by week three. Now that's good television! And, hey, at least she's not blond. There are enough of those already.
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