iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Reach 600,000, Sets Apple Record


Apple (AAPL) slammed a home run with its iPhone 4 pre-orders, selling 600,000 devices and setting a record for its largest number of pre-orders in a single day, the company announced Wednesday.

Apple noted the figure was far higher than the company had expected and it resulted in a number of customers receiving malfunctions in the ordering and going through the approval process.

The company's carrier, AT&T (T), also issued a similar report Wednesday, saying it suspended its pre-ordering process after one day, because it depleted its supply and advised potential buyers to revisit its online store periodically to see it had received another shipment of phones.

Apple has faced iPhone shortages before, like the debut of its souped up 3G iPhone in 2008, which sold a million devices in its first weekend after its launch. During the company's quarterly report, it acknowledge it was slammed with orders it couldn't fill and vowed to meet demand with increased production. Apple undoubtedly is looking to crank up the production machine again.