Iphone 4 already sold out


The moment that Steve Jobs stood up on stage to present the iPhone 4, Apple lovers went wild. The new features and sleek design prompted an overwhelming surge of pre-orders -- which not surprisingly led to an operations gridlock at Apple and its exclusive phone carrier AT&T.

The iPhone 4 is already sold out and some customers are even experiencing difficulties with their previous orders before the sell out announcement. The Twitter community grew increasingly active as Apple customers voiced their outrage about getting a failed response to their iPhone 4 requests, many complaining bitterly about how they had ordered early precisely to avoid this sort of thing.

Apple is apologizing all over the place, as our sister site Engadget reports. But that's cold comfort for customers jonesing for their latest iPhone fix. No word yet on when there will be inventory.

Customers can still get their hands on the old 3GS iPhone for $99, but it's no longer cool enough to be a contender for die-hard iPhone fans. Looks like customers will just have to be patient a bit longer. Wonder if there's an app for that...?