FarmVille Unreleased Cupcake Crop!

FarmVille Unreleased Cupcake Crop!
farmville cupcake
farmville cupcake bushel
farmville cupcake mastery sign
farmville market stall

Attention all Cupcake lovers! FarmVille Freak Martijin from FarmVille Code Hunters, just shared with us this exciting new unreleased Cupcake Crop.

Maybe this crop will be released just in time to celebrate FarmVille's upcoming birthday this weekend. I hope so because I can't wait to grow crops of Cupcakes on my farm!

Note: Unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to the FarmVille Market. Zynga is the sole owner of all their copyrighted images.

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.