FarmVille releases huge update: New levels, gifts, mystery box, and crops

FarmVille have been teasing us all day, getting us excited for what they promised would be a very large update. We spend the evening refreshing the FarmVille fan page, and finally the release happened around 10:00pm Pacific Time. The main highlight of this release is 20 new levels; you can now reach level 90 in FarmVille. Along with the new levels are new item and crop unlocks, including more Island themed items. A slew of new gifts have shown up on the gift page, a change to the wheat crop, and a new mystery box. Read on for the full details on this enormous update.

The first thing that veteran farmers can look forward to are the 20 additional levels. If you have been level 70 for quite some time, you have actually been accumulating XP and when you log in - you will actually get the levels that you've earned retroactively. Some players are reporting up to 20 Farm Cash for leveling as well. If the Marketplace isn't allowing you to buy objects that you are clearly high enough level to purchase, try buying any low level cheap item to reset the counter and allow you to buy higher level items.

Mystery Box

The new Mystery Box that was released tonight is a bit of a disappointment, as it's filled with items we have already seen before in previous boxes. It's a good opportunity to get ahold of these premium items if you missed them the last time they came around. The Mystery Box is 16 Farm Cash as usual, and provides one of the following rewards:

Old Faithful
French Quarter Building
Shamrock Inn
Vacation Home

New Gifts

Six new gifts were added to the FarmVille gift page. We're excited for something new, because the gifts had been growing stale in the game. The new gifts are: Mango Tree, Azaleas, Ginkgo Tree, Floral Container, Mangrove Tree, and Dutch Rabbit.

New Island Decorations

Surprisingly, the island themed items in FarmVille just keep on coming. Six new tiki decorations were released in the FarmVille market tonight. Most of them require Farm Cash, but there are two surfboards that can be attained without spending precious real life money. The list of items is as follows:

Hula Pig - 14 Farm Cash
Surf Shack - 18 Farm Cash
Mini Beach - 16 Farm Cash
Surfboard - 10,000 coins
Surfboard II - 10,000 coins
Trailer & Skis - 7 Farm Cash

New Birthday Decorations

Two new birthday decorations are now in the Shop, including a Birthday Cake for 9 Farm Cash, and a set of Animal Balloons for 7 Farm Cash.

New Miscellaneous Decorations and Animals

Along with a level increase to 90, new high level decorations have been released to give players something new to purchase. This includes a Wind Turbine for a hefty 1.5 million coins, a Silo Home for 1 million coins, and three new animals. The new animals are a Saddleback Pig, Arapawa Goat, and a Belted Cow.

New Crops

Here is the list of new crops that were added in tonight's major update:

Lemon Balm - Level 50+
Bamboo - Level 60+, was previously a limited edition crop
Posole Corn - Level 54+, requires Coin Mastery
Oats -Level 53+
Saffron - Level 64+, previously a limited edition crop

In addition, Wheat has been changed to a 12 hour crop. Wither on Wheat has been turned off until June 21 to allow everyone to get used to the new changes.
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